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Childish Things • 2018 rpg finalist

Evan Saft •

What you'll need 
-A storyteller
-Some players
-Some mementos(toys, personal items, things from the past)
-A coin

The storyteller is the General. The players are Soldiers. 
The Soldiers are at war, far away from home, the only remaining members of their squad.  
The General has a Mission for the Soldiers to complete. 
The General begins by telling each Soldier their role in the squad. Each Soldier responds by describing what their eyes look like, and placing three mementos in front of them. 
The Soldiers then commence the Mission.
A Soldier will always succeed when taking a militaristic action. If a Soldier attempts any other action, flip a coin; heads, they succeed; tails, they encounter a complication. 
When a Soldier does something no one should have to do, they choose a memento, tell the others what it means to them, or a memory associated with it, and puts it away, removing it from the game.
While a Soldier has no mementos, the General controls their actions.
When you share a tender moment with another Soldier, you may give them one of your mementos. Tell them what it means to you. 
The game ends when the Mission is accomplished.

Author Comments

I had previously made a game using toys where they were intentionally devoid of meaning, I wanted to try a game where their meaning was paramount. Thanks to my partner Adele for helping me find the right words.

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