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A Final Reading • 2018 rpg finalist

Caustic Chemist • no link

Each character is attending the same funeral.

Split a tarot deck into the Major & minor arcana.

Each player chooses 3 Major Arcana card to determine 
1) their relationship to the deceased 
2) their relationship to the character on their left 
3) their relationship to themselves

Each player draws 10 cards from the minor arcana deck.

On their turn, a player selects one of the cards in their hand and places it in a time slot.

The past is a memory with the deceased. 
The present is a scene from the funeral. 
The future is how the character moves on or stays behind.

Each suit determines one aspect to the scene
Cups - Someone cries/laughs
Wands - Someone leaves/arrives
Swords - Someone hurts/heals
Pentacles - Someone gains/loses

If another player has a card of the same suit or number, the player can say "I was there" and play the card. Then they describe the scene from their perspective. 

When the silence is uncomfortable, the scene is finished. The player on the left begins a new scene.

The game ends when no cards can be played. Each player describes a detail from their character's death or funeral.

Who attends your funeral?

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Memento Vivere.

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