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A Hundred Years Adoring You • 2018 rpg finalist

Jeff Dieterle • @excitingjeff

Gather a handful of friends. Maybe not best friends, but definitely friends. New friends are perfect.

You will all pretend to be less afraid than you actually are.
Find an empty room in a semi-public space, like a convention. Turn off the lights and make the room as dark as possible.

Walk around the dark room. When the spirit moves you, say something about one of your friends that you would not say to their face. The secrets you reveal should be complimentary to the recipient, but may make you uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Be specific, but do not address your friends by name.
The first secret should be whispered and barely audible. Each subsequent secret should be louder than the last, until everyone is shouting secrets into the darkness.

If you haven't spoken for about a minute, and you can't think of something sincerely nice to say, say something embarrassing about yourself instead. It's nicer to be nice. 

The game ends when someone not playing the game enters the room, or the lights are turned on.

Embrace the ambiguity. Ask no clarifying questions. Never talk about the game or the secrets revealed again

Author Comments

Thanks to Eric Mersmann, Alex Rowland, Elizabeth Stong, and Chad Wolf for their candid feedback!

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