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Dungeon Roommates • 2018 rpg finalist

Nick Wedig •

Materials: 2-5 players, post-it notes, a dungeon map.

In the time between adventurers, the other dungeon monsters can really annoy you. Can you tolerate living together?

Choose your weird monster type.  

What inhuman desire must you obey? 

What makes you a bad roommate?

Ask another player why you like their PC. Decide why the other PCs each annoy you.

Secretly track your Patience, starting with 20 points.

You want to work together, but you can only communicate via post-its.

The game takes place over multiple days. 

Every day, gain one Patience. Then roll 2d4.  Choose one to be how many requests you make today.  The other is the Patience you lose for each request that is denied.  

For each request, write a note, requesting a roommate do a small task or chore. DO NOT mention the Patience this request would cost you.  Place these notes on the map where your PC leaves them.

When a roommate requests something of you, roll 1d4.  You can spend that much Patience to fulfill the request, or you can deny it.

For each fulfilled request, you gain one Patience.

At zero Patience, someone gets flips out and moves out. Game Over.

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