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Perseus V • 2018 rpg finalist

Beard of Bees • no link

Eighteen years into the voyage to Perseus V and something has gone terribly wrong.

One player is the ship's AI core, potentially damaged and unstable after long years in space. Announce your name and mission.

The other players are crew members, woken from cryosleep. Announce your name, special skill, and what you left behind on Earth.

From a standard deck, the AI draws cards equal to twice the number of crew, plus one.

More black cards means you are BENIGN; more red means you are HOSTILE. Shuffle and stack them in secret.

The AI provides someone a PERILOUS SCENARIO and DUBIOUS REQUEST. E.g. "The cargo bay is burning. Override the airlocks to vent our air reserves."

They take a card and narrate what happens. Red means some harm befalls the mission. Black is a beneficial result. Repeat this step.

Once everyone has acted, one crew can narrate a PERSONAL SACRIFICE to reveal an extra card.

The crew must now decide whether to DEACTIVATE the AI or TRUST it to guide them onwards.

If the AI is deactivated it loses; otherwise it wins.

If the crew trust a benign AI or deactivate a hostile AI, they win; otherwise they lose.

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Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Perseus V sucked me in. It’s one I keep thinking about wanting to play. - Maxwell

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