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Same Bat Time, Same Bat Mitzvah • 2018 rpg finalist

Lucian Kahn •

On the way to Rachel's Bat Mitzvah, a guest was bitten by a vampire bat and is transforming into a vampire during the formal reception.

Shuffle 9 black cards and 1 red card, giving each player a random card. Whoever gets red has received vampire bat blood.

Rachel, the Bat Mitzvah girl
Lee, her ex-boyfriend
Tatiana, her ex-girlfriend
Britney, a popular girl
Agnes, an unpopular girl
River, her crush
Pearl, her grandma
Mortimer, her grandpa
Seymour or Ethel, the rabbi
Carol, mom
David, dad
Chad, mom's new husband
Bruce, dad's new husband

Scene 1: Candle-Lighting Ceremony
Get 13 candles. Rachel invites characters 1 by 1 to light a candle and tell a brief anecdote about their relationship with Rachel and this synagogue community. Rachel lights the final candle with a heartfelt speech. The vampire begins to show signs of change but is not yet discovered.

Scene 2: Dance Party
Play klezmer music. Dance, chat, and mingle. The vampire chooses a guest to bite and transform by whispering in their ear, "Mazel tov, today you are a vampire." Each vampire may bite 1 guest. Play continues until everyone is a vampire or a non-vampire puts a stop to this madness.

Author Comments

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

“Same Bat Time, Same Bat Mitzvah” is a lovely idea for a larp. I want more of it, but I also want to play it as it is. This is a game I’ll take to conventions, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of this if it ends up expanding. - Bronwyn

I really appreciated that Same Bat Time Same Bat Mitzvah playfully brought vampires into a Jewish context. - Jessica

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