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Chance Goodbyes • 2018 rpg finalist

Michael Blatherwick • no link

You are walking to town. You've walked this way a thousand times, but this is different: this will be the last time. A one-way trip. You're leaving and you're not coming back.

Where are you going? Why aren't you coming back?

On your way, you encounter people you know. They don't know you're leaving. Stop and talk to them.

Roll 15 d6 and put them in front of you.

Each encounter, one other player describes who you meet and another plays them. Spend one of your dice and play out an exchange based on its value. Continue the encounter with another die, or say your goodbyes and walk on. You may use any number of dice on each encounter, but you must use all of them in the end.

1) Tell them something
2) Reminisce
3) They ask you something, you answer
4) They ask you something, you lie
5) Give them something
6) Silence

After the sixth encounter, you have left everything behind. You're never coming back.

Roll 2d10.
On a 00: you were wrong. This wasn't a one-way trip. Roll the d6s again and walk home. Encounter everyone again, in reverse order.

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