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Gods of Darkness, Gods of Light • 2018 rpg finalist

ivan nevill •

Tools: Box of matches, 3 Temples (tealight candles) per player, World (paper), Battlefield (ashtray)

The gods came from the Void to create the World. 

The most regal player starts. Portray a god, its dominion, passion, its gift to the World and its People.
Strike a match.
-If it lights on the first strike, the god joins the Light. Light a Temple. Use the charred match to draw a symbol, word, or picture on the paper to make your mark on the World. Describe your influence.
-If it does not, the god falls to Darkness. Discard an unlit Temple. Describe how you become embittered, corrupted, cruel. Your unlit match becomes a terrible weapon; place it in the Battlefield. 

Act in turn, creating new gods, until all candles are lit or discarded.

The gods go to war.
The gods of Light must imprison the gods of Darkness under a Mountain. Pour the wax from their Temples onto the Battlefield. Once the wax Mountain sets, lift it and place it in the middle of the World.
-If all weapons in the Battlefield are trapped, the World and its People are saved. 
-If any weapons escaped, light them and set the World aflame.

Author Comments

Thanks to Piotr Królik Król for the match-striking mechanism and M Chilton for inspiring me with the use of wax.

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