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Lost Letters • 2018 rpg finalist

Tim Howes •

   You are adventurers in a stock standard dungeon crawl. You must defeat monsters in the rooms between you and the treasure. To do so, you just say how you attack and defeat those monsters. There's a catch, however, at any given time, there is one (1) letter you can't use. Each player plays whatever adventuring class they would like, and has four hit points. A player is hit when they use a word containing a banned letter, stop talking, or repeat an action. They then roll a d4 and swap their letter for one in the next higher group and the GM narrates how their action fails.

  Uninjured: M, C, F, P
  Three: H, L, D, U
  Two: N, I, S, R
  Last hit point: E, T, A, O

   The GM should present a room containing monster(s) that have total HP from equal, to double, the number of players. A dungeon contains 5 rooms. Players take turns in a clockwise manner.
   This game is based off an activity to help neurotypical people understand what it's like to struggle to communicate. The standard dungeon crawler format is used so that players don't have to think too much about the setting.

Author Comments

If you are not familiar with it, “neurodiverse” is a preferred term for people who are not neurotypical. Hopefully you have some fun playing!

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