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Signs and Symbols • 2018 rpg finalist

Jon Campbell •

Four players play as rival prophets who have gathered to discuss the meaning of a shared vision.

Materials: Pens, index cards, assorted images (Dixit/Mysterium cards preferred)

Players should agree upon a religious setting. 

Write each prophetic perspective on an individual index card:
Prosperity-Good present, good future
Repentance-Bad present, good future
Apocalypse-Good present, bad future
Nihilist-Bad present, bad future

Randomly assign one perspective card per player.

Shuffle the assorted images and randomly choose three, placing them face down in the center of the table. 

The game is played over three rounds. At the start of each round, one image is revealed which portrays part of the vision. 

The prophets take turns expounding upon the meaning of this portion of the vision from their unique perspectives. After the first prophet speaks, each subsequent prophet will agree with a portion of the former interpretation, while adding a unique perspective in an "I agree that...but you missed..." style. Rearrange player order each round.

At the end of a round, randomly select one player's index card as the 'correct' interpretation. At the end of subsequent rounds, players work together to form correct interpretations into a cohesive whole.

Author Comments

This game is meant to be a way to explore the players’ assumptions about the meaning of symbols and images, especially in a religious context. Because religion can be a touchy subject, care should be taken not to make anyone uncomfortable when a religious context is chosen for the game. With that being said, the closer the chosen religious context is to that of the players, the more depth the players will bring to their interpretations.

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