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HOA: The RPG • 2018 rpg finalist

Mike Judge •

WELCOME TO OUR LEGO VILLAGE. We've had SOME PROBLEMS RECENTLY and you're invited to a series of town meetings where we'll clear the air.

Requirements: 3+ players, a pile of Legos, a few dozen tokens, a timer and 45 minutes.

Setup: Set a timer for 10 minutes. Players should use this time to construct a home of their dreams. Afterward ready or not, hand each player 6 social tokens to indicate their standing in the community, and we'll begin.

Now we're going to hold 3 meetings. 

During each meeting, players should...

1. Bring up a grievance about another player.
2. Participate in the discussion about player's grievances.
3. Hand out at least two social tokens to other players to indicate their support.

Between meetings, players may make changes to their houses.

At the end of 3 meetings, the player(s) with the most social points will decide how the community was destroyed.

Author Comments

Special thanks to Brookie Judge for the title and wordsmithing, Flo Truong for the idea of social points, and all the people who helped playtest.

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