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Blossoms Whisper, Blades Sing, for 4-8 bushi • 2018 rpg finalist

Galen Pejeau •

Requires a set of Hanafuda cards

Everyone in attendance is a high ranking samurai in the service of an ambitious lord. You have gathered for a cherry blossom viewing party, to drink wine, compose poetry and cement a conspiracy to overthrow the government. Assign five points to yourself in two categories: Civility and Savagery.

Deal all the cards to all players face down. A player who receives a kiri is a Shogunate spy. 

Return the cards, shuffle and deal four cards to each player. The party begins. When a player takes an action against another player, compare values in the appropriate category, the higher result achieves their goal. NPC's are improvised by the player to your left.
You may spend cards on an action. Add one point per card, or double your Savagery value if you play an animal, Civility if you play a ribbon. Draw back to four after you are done.

If at any point you have completed a full seasonal set, you may spend it to ask any player a question which they must answer honestly.
Cryptic answers are best.
The conspirators win if they unmask and kill all spies. Any other result is a Shogunate win.

Author Comments

The Red Tengu Hanafuda set from Nintendo is highly recommended for this game.

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