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Knights of the House of Mars • 2018 rpg finalist

S. John Bateman •

Mars has perished. A red sea of dust is broken by jagged mountains dotted with the ruins of ancient pyramids. Evil sorcerers rule supreme. You play Knights of the House of Mars. The only ones who can bring life back to this planet. 

Knights are made up of Traits, Duty, Doom, and Gifts.
Name a positive Trait for your Knight -like Handsome, Fierce, Brave
...a negative Trait for the Knight to your left. Like Selfish, Arrogant, Foolhardy

Choose a Duty: Courage, Justice, or Mercy
Write your Doom foretold by the stars at your birth: To...
Write two Gifts you were given by the stars: Like a Starblade or a Solar Gem

You Journey East, to escort the Last Seer to the Pyramid of Tharsis. On your turn, you set a scene. The other players challenge the scene; determining a conflict that drives towards your character's Doom. 

To determine the outcome of the scene roll 2d6; add +1 for applicable Traits, Duty, Gifts.

On a 10+ you get what you want. 7-9 you get what you want but only if you do what they ask first. 6- they say what bad happens.

Play to find out what happens.

Author Comments

This game is highly influenced by games like Polaris and Apocalypse World. And settings like The Dictionary of Mu. You can look at an expanded version that uses cards here:

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