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But for the Grace of God • 2018 rpg finalist

Aser Tolentino •

Your ship falls toward a singularity. You are the sole survivor in the compartment. The damage control board shows one more life sign on the far end of the ship. You pick up the intercom handset and hope for the best.
One player is the engineer, the other the pilot. Place two coins in front of each player: players select whether they are heads or tails. If you don't want to choose, flip them. Do not show the coins to the other player. As you work to find a way to survive, symbolized by the states of the coins, you talk to each other about your lives for five minutes. After that, the work you have done will succeed or not. You may change the orientation of the coins as many times as you like, but never tell the other player the result.

4H Pilot dies and engineer survives
3H1T Pilot chooses who  survives
2H2T Both die
1H3T Engineer chooses who survives
4T Engineer dies and pilot survives

Afterwards, the survivor recounts what they remember of the person who died so that they might live.

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