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CLIMB the SPIRE! • 2018 rpg finalist

13sparx13 • no link

You need to get to the top!

You've got WIT, GRIT, & FLIT, for which you have 6 points.
Different weapons contest different attributes (opponents roll d6-pools). When you lose, drop an item or 1 point; when you win, get 1d6 XP. At 10 XP, gain a treasure or attribute point; after three victories, ascend a level.
Roll on a sheet of paper - if a die rolls off, don't count it. Cut the paper in half when you ascend.

* Sword - Your GRIT/their GRIT
* Fireball - WIT/FLIT
* Sword (Sparkly) - GRIT/GRIT, magical
* Axe - GRIT+1/GRIT
* Ring (Invisibility) - 4d6/WIT to fight, 3 charges
* Dimensional Warper - Spend 5 XP, tape on a cut-off piece of paper (it gets cut when you ascend, too)
* Potion (WIT) - Double WIT for a fight, 1-use
* Rope - Use to ascend
* Ghost - 3/1/1 - Only hurt by magic
* Giant - 1/3/4
* Pit Trap - 0/0/0 - FLIT/3d6 to fight it
* Elemental (Extremes) - 0/1/6 - Rolls of 3/4 don't count

-= DM =-
Add stuff - enemies, items, rules, floor-specific effects, etc. - examples are only a starting point!
For single-player: write on cards to make a roguelike.

Author Comments

Looking at the rules, I guess there isn’t an end point. I’m writing this on short notice (totally my fault for ignoring the email for 9 days, but whatever), so I can’t test it to say where you should call your climb a success.

On the off chance you want me to add anything to this mess, pester me on reddit (/u/13sparx13), and I’ll try to add more content and refine the rules (and add some of those floor-specific effects; wish I could’ve fit a couple in the rules, but I’m at an even 200).

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