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Hold My Hand & Tell Me It's Okay • 2018 rpg finalist

James E. Shields •

        3+ players
        A timer

        Wash your hands. With soap.
        Form a circle, palms touching.
        Left palm up, right palm down.

        You are in a life-threatening situation.
        You each currently feel somewhat responsible.

        As a group, decide on genre, location, and danger.

        Introduce your character with:
        Name, two truths, and a lie.

        There are three rounds - 15, 10, & 5 minutes respectively.

        On your turn, pick another player.
        In character, speak to them about the situation and either:
                -Something about yourself.
                -Something about them.
                -Something about another player.

                (You may never voice full responsibility.)

        End your turn - Change a hand.
        Choose the position that best reflects your thoughts.
                Palm up - I still feel guilty.
                Palm down - You're not at fault.
                Switch hand location - You may be at fault.

End of round:
        Rounds end when time is up.

        Less than three pairs of palms touching?
                Danger climaxes. Everybody loses.
                Players narrate the ending from their perspective.

        Anybody not touching palms with someone?
                Danger claims that player.
                That player narrates their ending.

End of game:
        Are all palms touching?
                Players have forgiven each other.
                Danger climaxes, but everybody wins.
                Players narrate forgiveness and ending from their perspective.

Author Comments

I’m serious. Wash your hands.

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