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**Hard Reset** • 2018 rpg finalist

Matthew McDoris • no link

In the ruins of a rainy city, humans hide in the shadows, trying to survive.  Why did their world fall?  Why are they hiding? And what should you - their former robot servants - do now?

Player characters are robots, each beginning with two 'Modules' which each represent one of the game's stats:
Manipulators: ability to physically operate things
Drive Power: ability to sustain damage and exertion
Empathy: ability to feel and understand emotions 
Subterfuge: ability to tell and detect falsehoods
Logic: ability to reason and persuade
Information Processing: ability to sense, understand and remember

Rolls are made with D8s.  The GM sets a target number from 1 to 8 (low for easy, high for hard).  At least one die matching or beating the target indicates success.  Robots with no modules relevant to the task roll D8.  Robots with a relevant module roll 2D8.  The GM should reward players who roleplay using their modules (or the lack of them) with an extra D8.

Robots can find and install additional modules during the game (often as a reward for achieving tasks). A robot which takes damage loses a module.  A robot with no modules is, in a manner of speaking, dead...

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