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Sidewalkia! • 2018 rpg winner

Aly Grauer •

One player stands in a square of sidewalk with clearly defined boundaries and shouts: 


This player is now the Prime Minister.

Other players join by declaring their loyalty to SIDEWALKIA. The PM declares each new player a role in the government. 

Each player describes an aspect of SIDEWALKIA's landscape, using real-world landmarks nearby as inspiration. 

Each player describes an unusual, outlandish historical moment of SIDEWALKIA.

Each player declares something that SIDEWALKIA needs to succeed/grow/prevail.

Without leaving the boundaries, look for these things in the world around you. 

To get these things, convince others to join SIDEWALKIA. Chant catchy slogans or sing songs to make passersby smile and join. If your total numbers reach more than 4, expand to another square and redistribute your population how you see fit. CELEBRATE RAUCOUSLY when new citizens join you.

If someone walks through your square, SIDEWALKIA suffers a natural disaster. Describe it, mourn, and rebuild.

If someone pauses, they vacationed in SIDEWALKIA. Describe their vacation experience for them, congratulate yourselves on being a destination.

The game ends if your population reaches 15 or you have expanded to three or more squares of concrete.

Author Comments

One time, we waited on the same square of sidewalk for HOURS to get into an event. We got stir crazy and made up our own country. I was Prime Minister. It was outrageous.

I like games that involve a lot of imagination, sharing laughs (sometimes with strangers) and commitment to a bit. I’m an actor, podcaster, and author. Catch me on Twitter and

Huge thanks and love to Drew Mierzejewski for encouragement, feedback, inspiration, and being the Prime Minister’s Husband.

Judge Comments

A pervasive live-action role-playing games that creatively use part of the architecture and the city around you. If you like the concept of micronations, you can’t miss this. - Rugerfred

Somewhere between a Model UN flashmob and Sid Meier’s Hopscotch sits “Sidewalkia,” a game that turns the immediate outside into a rich universe growing richer. - Kelsey

This is the game my schoolyard self would have wanted. The game the eight year old in me, unburdened by the hangups of adulthood, would have adored. It may sound insane and weird and unfeasible for the adult world, but so what, play is at its purest when it attacks the silly conventions of adulthood. - Maxwell

Sidewalkia is so cute and fun. I’m going to teach this game to my kids on a walk home from school. I’m going to encourage them to teach their friends at the school yard. This is a game I could see being played for generations among children, and that’s really cool. - Bronwyn

An elegantly designed callback to childhood play, but with just enough structure to keep adult players engaged. - Jessica

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