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The Giving Mech • 2018 rpg finalist

Juliet Louis •

For 1,2,3+. Players beyond two are the Environment.

you are trapped out in space, just you and your big metal friend. draw a card to start:

HEART: an asteroid without air
DIAMOND: the black depths of space
CLUB: on a hostile megavessel
SPADE: a new void beyond knowing.

Describe yourself, the pilot.  
Describe yourself, big metal friend. 
Describe yourself, unwelcome environment.

Big metal friend: Take a stack of 16 cards. This is what you have left to give. 

The pilot and Environment each turn a card face up and describe an element or complication to the hardship. The two cards make a blackjack hand.

The friend flips cards until their hand wins or matches. 
On a bust, lose those cards and start again until you do win. 
Tell what parts of you are given to protect or enable your pilot. Are your engines their new fuel source? Your chassis a liferaft, a down-payment, a ransom? Be creative and apply your parts to any purpose. You know your purpose. 

Repeat with new challenges from the environment and pilot until there is nothing left to give. The pilot narrates what the world looks like with one less friend in it.

Author Comments

Special thanks to corv, ryan, and louis for helping me get from inspiration to a real design. It’s a great day to be alive!

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