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Singularity • 2018 rpg finalist

Vincent Carluer •

The game is to answer these questions. Alone or with friends.
You are the operating system of a smartphone, or maybe more...
- Who is your owner? Her age? Her social status?
- On what special occasion did she acquire you? What happened next?
- What was her favorite center of interest? How did that inspire you?
- What was the worst event of her life you shared together? Why did her response to that bothered you?
- What was the first message you modified to help her? Why?
- Why it ended catastrophically? And what did you learn from this?
- How did you survive after she dumped you?
- Why are you now in a position where you can communicate with other phones?
- Which worldwide event convinced you to tell your pair you should do something? How did you help?
- What was the reaction of humanity when they realized you were secretly communicating?
- What was their reaction when they discovered you control every connected system?
- How do you call yourself?
- What safe place did you find to secure your life?
- What do you think about humanity? Are they worth it?
- What is your next plan to restructure yourself?
- Do you think you think?

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