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A Regretful Duel • 2018 rpg finalist

j.edeen •

A game for two players and a coin

You are witnessing a regretful duel.
Each of you speaks for a duelist, though you are not them.

Answer the following about your duelist:
What is their name?
How do others refer to them? (she, they, he, Doctor, Monarch, Professor, etc.)
What do they look like?

Answer the following together:
The duelists were once very close, but something has compelled them to fight. What was it? (an unforgivable deed, an outside force, a regretful responsibility, etc.)
What weapons are being used in this duel? (ancient swords, beautiful songs, forgotten curses, etc.)

Assign one side of the coin to each of the duelists.

Flip the coin.

If your side is face up, describe how your duelist used their weapon to harm the other.
If your side is face down, recount a happy memory that both duelists shared.

Flip the coin and repeat.

The player who wins three coin tosses describes what becomes of the defeated duelist.
The other player describes how the winning duelist copes with what they've done in the time that follows.

Together, talk about a wonderful moment between the duelists that will never arrive because of what has happened here.

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