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What We Don't Know • 2018 rpg finalist

Matthew Nevers •

The woods are quiet, and far from the village.

Each player draws from a deck of playing cards (jokers removed). 
-The player who draws lowest is The Outsider. 
-The others are the villagers who have brought The Outsider to the woods to execute for their crimes against their community (real or imagined). The crime is irrelevant. 

This game takes place in a single moment of grim resolve.

Starting with the villager who drew highest and continuing clockwise, draw a card and say "We will kill you because we don't know...", and relate a scene from The Outsider's life that has led them to this moment. Both suit and value of the card informs the scene.

Hearts: Personal relationships
Diamonds: Resources
Clubs: Authority
Spades: Society

Value = number of months passed since the scene happened. Face cards represent scenes since The Outsider came to the village.

During the Outsider's turn, they do the same, but say "You will kill me because I don't know..." and relate a scene that made the villagers hateful. 

Play proceeds until 4 face cards have been drawn, at which point the moment has passed, the sentence carried out. Describe it.

Sit in silence for about a minute.

Author Comments

I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head for a while, and didn’t really know what to do with it. This contest seemed like a natural fit, so here we are.

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