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ENVOY • 2018 rpg finalist

Christine Prevas •

ENVOY is a game about persuasion, cultural perceptions, and getting what you want. 

You will need:
- 3+ players
- tokens (coins, marbles)

One player is the Envoy, a human sent to understand an alien world. 

The others are representatives of the alien culture. Each should have different ideas: representatives have agendas. Take three tokens and decide on yours.

On the Envoy's turn: recount what you know about the alien culture. Then, ask one question. All other players may bid favor tokens; whoever bids highest answers.

On a representative's turn, choose one:
- Give the Envoy a gift. Describe it, and what it cost you. Take one favor token.
- Show the Envoy around. Tell them one detail about the world. Pay one favor token.
- Bribe another player. Give them two favor tokens and tell them one detail about the world you want them to agree upon.
- Undermine another player. Describe how you discredit them and trade favor tokens.
- Contradict something. Pay all of your favor tokens (3+) to change one thing the Envoy knows.

After ten rounds, the Envoy returns to Earth to disseminate their understanding of this culture. Human perceptions are hard to change; whatever understanding prevails is set in stone. 

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