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Succession • 2018 rpg finalist

Laurie •

An old and heirless monarch sits the throne. The time has come to choose a successor. A proclamation is made. There shall be a test. Any may enter. One will be chosen to rule. The rest will be banished forever.

One player is the monarch. In a few words, they describe their reign, their kingdom, their character. Then, going clockwise from the monarch, each player presents their character.

There are three rounds. Each round, the monarch issues a challenge. This could be a question (which is the most important virtue of a monarch?), or a task (bring me the tooth of a mountain lion).

The players have two minutes to prepare their responses. Each player rolls a D6. The highest goes first, and then clockwise from them. On their turn, each player gives their character's answer, or describes how their character accomplishes the task.

At the end of the third round, the monarch pronounces the heir to the kingdom and explains why they were chosen. The heir then becomes the monarch and the next game begins. The new monarch may keep their character, or create a new monarch with a new kingdom.

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