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A Glimmering of Recognition • 2018 rpg finalist

Harmony the Silent Bard • no link

Needs: 2+ players, a handful of coins

You are one of a group of Beast-Seekers, exploring an area rich in monsters of both legend and nightmare. 
You have come seeking a particular Beast.
You must lure it from its lair.
You have seven days.

Players take turns taking actions in day/night phases.

An expedition to your Beast's Lair.
Describe an attempt to interest the Beast; perhaps an offering of meat, or soulful dirge.
Flip a coin. 
Heads: success. Catch a glimpse of your Beast. What do you see?
Tails: failure. However, this is an undertaking of patience.
Keep your coin in that state as a marker.

When all players have attempted, go to Night.

Gather with your fellow Seekers around the fire.
Tell of yourself, or your Beast. What have you lost? What will you gain? 
Encourage your fellow Seekers as you share the memories that brought you to this place.

When all players have shared a story, go to Day.

After Day Seven:
>4 Tails: Turned Tail.
Your Beast flees. Perhaps you'll track it again.

>4 Heads: Heading Out
A Beast slowly emerges. In its eyes, a glimmering of recognition?

Narrate the end of this beginning.

Author Comments

I wanted to make a game that could encompass a lot of moods. I think in this it’s possible to play something happy, like seeking a dragon for a ride, or something heavy, like trying to find the monster that ruined your home. I also don’t carry d6s (I should start!) but I do often have loose change, so, I designed for a game that I could play whenever.

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