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On the Eve of a Wedding • 2018 rpg finalist

Shannon P. Drake •

Verona, 1591, A noble's house.

Dramatis Personae 
3+, plus Stage Manager

Character Creation


Roll a d6 for each

Your Looks / Your Wits / Your Money / Your Standing


Roll a d6

1: A Noble / 2: A Commoner/ 3: A Faery / 4: A Schemer / 5: Someone Disguised / 6: A Witch or Magician


Roll a d6 
1: Get married / 2: Stay Single / 3: Prevent a marriage / 4: Encourage a marriage / 5: Reveal or keep a secret / 6: Fulfill a prophecy

The Play is the Thing
Write down your Rolls, Role, and Goal. Be open or lie and plot, that's Shakespearean! 

When it's time for something difficult/interesting, pick the most likely Statistic and roll that number of d6s. Anything 4+ is a success. The Stage Manager will decide if you succeeded. 

Stage Manager Guidance

Your job is to make sure the antics and plots flow freely. You're encouraged to use several in-game days. Give guests time to arrive, go through social graces, and attend all the ancillary parties before the ceremony. When in doubt, send in a comic foil to tell uncomfortable truths.

Author Comments

Thanks to Elisabeth Claire, Donna Prior, Greg Lincoln, Jonathan Young, and Lillian Cohen-Moore for feedback. And apologies if I forgot you, I still love you.

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