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Self Sacrifice • 2018 rpg finalist

Mathew Sforcina •

5 players agree on a setting.
Each writes on separate slips of paper a NAME, a BACKGROUND, a VICE, a VIRTUE, and 2 DEITY'S DOMINIONS, 3 words max each. Mix up each group in a cup, blindly take one of each except Dominion.
This is your character, a SOUL. The 5 of you are chained together, and one is to be sacrificed to the Deities in 15 minutes. You have that long to decide which one of you it should be. You may be honest or lie. Your character wants to survive, but also wants a worthy sacrifice. Keep your decision secret.
After 15 minutes write down your choice and put it in a cup.
Each player now takes a Dominion. You're now the Deity of that.
The 5 Deities must now decide which of the 5 souls they want. You want someone sacrificed who is suitable, someone who has lived like how you'd want souls to live. All information is revealed.
Once there is a majority agreement, tally up the votes of the souls.
If the Souls chose your selection, Deities are pleased, all win.
If they didn't, world ends, sorry.

A tied vote reboots the universe. Yay?

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