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Half-Blood • 2018 rpg finalist

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You are all half-bloods, lowest among the Fae Court. 

As a fae, you possess:
- Mastery, a supernatural ability which always succeeds. Choose yours, unique among the Court.
- Compulsions, unnatural needs of Fae heritage. At game start, each other player assigns you one.

Once you use Mastery, GM chooses which Compulsion you must satisfy before you can use your Mastery again.

As a mortal, you have:
- 3 mundane skills;
- Free Will. Begin with 2; maximum of 5.

You exert will by spending it:
1: Overcome mundane conflict using skills
2: Overcome superhuman conflict using skills
3: Overcome a Compulsion permanently, erasing it
4: Choose to gain an additional Mastery.

To gain Will:
1: Satisfy a Compulsion
2: Gain a new Compulsion assigned by GM 

Your group has a mission. Describe it together and pick 3 Goals that must be satisfied before your return to the Court. GM presents appropriate opposition.

If you complete your mission and present yourself at Court, choose:

- If you have Will remaining, you may become wholly mortal. Lose your Masteries and Compulsions in exchange for freedom from the Court.
- You may submit to your nature and join the ranks of the Court as a full blooded Fae.

Author Comments

Thanks to @rulesAsWritten and @DeathByMage for helping out.

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