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Pressure Building • 2018 rpg finalist

Psionide • no link

A great dam has been built in Lockinge, vast and beautiful. 
A great conflict is brewing because of it, deadly and horrible.
Two players, the Royal and the Rebel, will soon meet.

When the game calls for descriptions and you comply, add 1d6 to your pool.

Royal!                                  Rebel!
Describe yourself.                      Describe yourself.

Describe how the dam saved the          Describe how the dam murders your
kingdom and how it was made.            people and butchers your culture.
Describe your greatest weakness         Describe your greatest strength and
and what you're willing to sacrifice.   what you refuse to give up.

Describe the vast resources at your     Describe who supports you and who 
disposal and how you prepare.           rallies to your cause.

Describe how selfish the Rebel is       Describe how ruthless the Royal is
and how love drives you.                and how love drives you. 

Royal, describe where your armies meet. 
Rebel, describe how you meet.

Together, play out your final confrontation.

When the conflict is at its climax, roll your pools once.
Roll two sixes and your adversary doesn't survive the encounter.
Finally, the one with the highest total becomes Ruler. 

Ruler, dead or alive, describe the truth about the dam built in Lockinge. 

Author Comments

Shoutouts to Anaïs Mitchell, Gregory Porter, and TheOtherMe.

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