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Hell-Ride Equipped • 2018 rpg finalist

James Vail •

You are demonic truck drivers trying to deliver souls to Satan. Describe your driver and truck.

You are being pursued by God's Police Force, and have to deal with obstacles like shitty drivers, traffic jams, explosive oil spills, cavernous pot holes, and whatever else the GM presents.

Your truck starts with 0 souls. Gain a soul any time you run over a human.

Any time you attempt to overcome an obstacle, avoid God's Police, or run over humans, roll 3d6. 
-If you didn't roll any 1s, you succeed.
-If you rolled any 1s, you crash and lose HP equal to your highest rolled die. 
-You can consume a soul to re-roll a die that isn't a 1.

You start with 6 HP. When your HP is 0, you are considered a Junker. Any time you would lose HP as a Junker, curse and choose a Demonic Driver to lose it instead. You can consume 6 souls to regain 1 HP.

If all players are Junkers, God's Police capture you and the game is over.

If anyone rolls three 6s, you find the highway to hell and deliver souls to Satan. Whoever delivers the most souls wins.

Author Comments

This was a fun experiment in making something cooperative, but also competitive. Thanks to Jim Miller of Crit Hit for prompting me to make this into a beer and pretzel type of game.

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