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Rum Runners • 2018 rpg finalist

Shashank Rao • no link

Florida. 1920. With the right boat, crew, and connections, booze is liquid gold. But with stakes this high, everyone wants in. Between untrustworthy partners, rival gangs, and the Bureau, only the best can make it.

First Act: Meet supplier. Secure rum.
Second Act: Get back with your booze. 
Third Act: Supply your buyer. Get paid

The PCs are as follows:
The Captain is the face of the group and the planner
The Muscle kicks ass and takes names
The Criminal knows how to get in touch with all the wrong people
The Pilot can get you there and back blindfolded 

GM: One bottle of rum. Two empty shot glasses. A stopwatch.
Four players: Four empty shot glasses. One d6. 

At the start of each act, fill empty player glasses. Start stopwatch.
For each challenge, players roll a d6.
Roll over the number of full glasses? A player takes a shot.
No one drinks twice until everyone drinks once.
Act ends when timer runs out.
If act ends with 1+ full glasses, GM takes a shot.
At the end of the first act, add a fifth player glass.
At the end of the second act, add a sixth player glass.

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