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No Woman's Land • 2018 rpg finalist

Juliana Truite • no link

This game needs five people and a fifty-two card deck to be played.

SETTING: Warzone, a pregnant woman must cross the battlefield to reach safety. Three survivors, with very different points of view, join her.

PLAYING: The woman, full of love, draws six heart cards. The other survivors chose a suit (diamond is money, clubs is violence, spades is stealth) and draw three cards each. The narrator shuffles the diamond, clubs and spades cards and uses them to define the difficulty of the challenges (number) and who must face them (suit). The woman can help by discarding a card and adding its number to her companion's card. In a tie, love wins. If the character wins the challenge they keep their card. If they lose, it's discarded after they enact the scene. A character dies when their cards end. If someone dies, the group instantly loses challenges of their suit and discard a card unless the woman decides to face it. After surviving ten challenges, the players use their remaining cards to describe the safe zone they've reached. The number and suit of the cards define the aspects they can describe.

Author Comments

This was a huge challenge but incredibly satisfying at the same time. Thanks for the iniciative!

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