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Filling the Void • 2018 rpg finalist

Jessica Rainbow & Daniel Wood • no link

A game about the space between story and self.

2+ players
A large flat playing surface
Enough paper to cover it
Many small objects of various sizes and colours
Marking devices

Finding the Tone
To begin, read a mythological tale aloud.
Casting the Night Sky
Gather up the small objects in your hands, as many as you can hold. These are your stars.
In a single motion, throw the stars down onto the playing surface. We all do this at once.
Naming the Constellations
Take turns.
On your turn, find a group of stars of any number that look like a constellation. Draw the lines connecting the constellation. Name it out loud.
The next player tells a story about the constellation, a myth about its origin or meaning.
The last player relates the myth or constellation to the lives of everyday people. They tell a personal story about someone living under our sky, from the perspective of the inhabitant.

Welcoming the Dawn
Continue playing for any length of time, over any number of days, until the night sky is filled with your stories.

Author Comments

Our thanks to Tim Hutchings for help in all things, including this game.

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