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Maquillage • 2018 rpg finalist

Kate Bui •

Relationships with makeup are complex and ever-shifting. You are characters at various stages of their lives, exploring their relationships with makeup and each other.

2 players
Enough makeup for both to do lips, cheeks, and eyes.  (Be safe when sharing)
A coin

Create characters:
- Assign the other player a gender at birth
- Answer: Do you feel comfortable in this gender? Why?
- What do others call you? What is your true name?
- You two grew up together. Are you friends, siblings?

Player who wears less makeup goes first.
The game is five scenes that start around age 7, each one is 7-10 years later.

- Choose a makeup item that hasn't been applied yet
- Use its name, color, smell, texture to inspire you to frame a scene. 
- Flip a coin. If heads, apply to yourself. If tails, apply the makeup to each other. 
- Apply at the beginning or end of the scene, your choice.
- Play the scene and answer: Who are you at this age? Where are you? Why wear makeup? How do you feel about it?
- Rotate players.

Maquillage is over when you feel like you're wearing too much makeup, whatever that means to you

Author Comments

All women, but trans women in particular, have complicated relationships with makeup. I wanted to explore that in this game, but also give players excuses to explore makeup, gender roles, presentation, and signaling. If you play, please tweet me pictures after your play session - I want to see cuties in makeup!

Dedicated to all my trans siblings out there - I love you all!

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