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Mongols and Manticores • 2018 rpg finalist

Lucas Hald • no link

You are a Manticore. The Mongol Horde has invaded your valley and is threatening your peaceful way of life. The Great Khan wants you dead. His warriors are coming for you. Fight back!

You will need a bag of M&Ms. Pick two different candies to be your strengths.

Blue: Take to the sky on enormous wings like a bat.
Yellow: Stalk your prey like a lion hiding in the tall grass of the steppe.
Green: Launch venomous spikes from a tail like a scorpion.
Red: Three rows of teeth, sharp as daggers.
Orange: Frighten your foes with a booming voice like a trumpet.
Brown: Thick hide, impervious to mongol spears.

When you encounter an enemy, draw a candy from the bag. If the color matches one of your strengths, you eat them! Describe your victory and eat the candy.

If the color does not match, you suffer a setback, but you also grow more powerful. Describe the setback and add the candy to your strengths.

Once you have a candy of each color, you are unstoppable. The horde is defeated. Describe the final showdown with the Great Khan and finish the bag.

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