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This Weight We Share • 2018 rpg finalist

Izzy Sanders •

You (and up to six others) play the contents of a cursed Video Tape, taking turns describing what lies beyond the Television. 

The Tape Player must describe the room they see from behind their glass screen.  With precisely 1 minute 47 seconds to describe as many vivid visual details as possible. 

Is it the teenage girl sat peering out from behind clenched knees? 
The peeling wallpaper and thick blinds in the ancient motel?
The neglectful father with a glass of wine while his infant son peers at you?
The half-burned couch propped up against the door as if keeping something out?
The way she claws at her face when she realised the mind-bending horror you contained?

While the Tape Player describes, the others must note or sketch their impressions of the scene in accordance with the Tape Player's design. 

When the Tape has been played 7 times, giving everyone the chance to be the Tape Player at least once, then the game phase shifts. 

The players now all play the Final Victim and must piece together what binds the previous scenes, what clues that other victims might have missed. In this cooperative stage the Victim can finally break the curse. 

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