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You Have 200 Words • 2018 rpg finalist

Cadaeic • no link

The state of the world is such; there is suffering, there is hopelessness. This is a wasteland. This was once a vibrant land of possibilities. No more.

The people have been reduced to being described in two words, an adjective and a noun: "discrete rebel", "doubtful soldier", "valiant mother". To act is to roll 2d6, and to fail is to roll under 6. Above that, there is a small success, there is self satisfaction, there is nothing more. One may add 1 for any applicable descriptors.

Hope lies in the magic, and there is only so much magic as there are words. Take a pen and cross out a word in this text to add 1 to a roll. Take a pen and circle five words to speak a miracle described by the words, before striking them out. Destroy ten words to make a true change for the better.

You may adhere to the rules of this text when it is changed, but to do so is to destroy this world as written. Perhaps you will make a better world. It is more likely you will doom it to nonsense.

When the words run out, all hope is lost.

Author Comments

Thanks to some friends for looking over this! Also I’m 100% sure this has been done before lol.

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