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Letters to the Home Front • 2018 rpg finalist

Alex L •

Players sit back to back, a WWI soldier and a loved one, each with an envelope, 16 moral tokens, and half a deck of shuffled playing cards (soldier has diamonds and spades, loved one has hearts and clubs).

Turns represent a month at war and players will draw up to 5 cards (hand limit of 5). Any black letter cards (J,Q,K,A) immediately go in front of the player as emotional scars (these are removed when you receive a Red face card). Players select cards to put in their envelopes, narrating letters as they place each card (red = good things, black = bad things) with any moral tokens to swap (one for each red card more than black).

Lose a moral:
If you end your turn with no red cards left in your hand.
If you receive a letter with only black cards.
For each black letter card in front of you at the start of your turn.

Players should only convey information through their letters they are composing. Received cards go into your discard pile, and are reshuffled when your draw deck runs out.

If before 12 months any player loses all their moral the game is lost.

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