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Occupational Safety and Health Adventures • 2018 rpg finalist

Stentor Danielson •

You are a team of co-workers. Decide together:
- What is your workplace?
- What big project is the boss breathing down your neck about?
- How is your workplace catastrophically unsafe?

Individually, name your character and decide:
- What is my role on the team? (coordinator, expert, grunt, caretaker, gofer)
- Why do I keep messing up? (lazy, greedy, incompetent, dishonest, arrogant)

Take turns framing scenes starring your character. Everyone else plays their parts and NPCs, as needed. Each scene should lead to a point where one character (not necessarily yours) must risk their safety to move forward with the project. That character's player chooses:
1. Accept the injury. Don't tell the boss.
2. Report the unsafe condition. Tell the other players what new safety rule the boss has imposed. The other players decide how the workspace will be altered to comply with this rule, in a way that makes the workplace less safe and less efficient overall.

The game ends when either:
1. The project is completed. The team is congratulated by the boss for a job well done, and for their good safety record.
2. One character accumulates three injuries. The team is reprimanded and the project is given to another team.

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