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Boyz II Men in Black • 2018 rpg finalist

Teddy Humpert •

It's September 1994. 

An EVIL ALIEN has commandeered BOYZ II MEN.

With alien tech, it blasts their latest album all around the world, as it utilizes the super-powered group to destroy earth, one city at a time.
One of you is the ALIEN, controlling BOYZ II MEN. 
The rest of you are POP/R&B ICONS of your choosing, who happen to moonlight as dope-suit-wearing agents in charge of protecting earth from intergalactic threats. 
Your goal: SAVE THE WORLD.
The success of any and all of your actions (both ALIEN and ICONS) is set by a shared, shuffled 52-card deck. 
Draw 1 card for each action:
1-4: Interesting Failure
5-8: Success with Complication
9-Jack: Clean Success
Queen, King or Ace: Success + Power
If you get to use a power, keep it in character, eg. MARIAH might get an ear-splitting G#7. GINUWINE might have mesmerizing swagger. TONI might have a healing power ... maybe call it "Un-break your heart."

Press play on Boyz II Men's "II" 

You have until the end of the album to tell the story of how you saved the world 
... or how you destroyed it.

Author Comments

Many thanks to my ever-amazing spouse, and kids for inspiring me to greatness.

To my design partner, Mr. Jake Householder, and our circle of goofy geeks who are always willing to offer up opinions and crazy ideas on our crazy ideas.

And thanks to the #200wordrpg community for putting this amazing thing together.

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