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Born of Brier and Blood: A Game for Four • 2018 rpg finalist

Blaine C. Martin •

You are a creature of story, stitched together bits of whisper, born of brier and blood. Once the village left offerings freely, but they've put away their childish fears. Now there is room for only one.

To begin: Each speak your true name and countenance. Sing of your power. Choose a suit of cards and tell how it influences your hunger. Reveal a truth of the village. Shuffle the deck.

Your Sway, the village's belief in you, starts at 0. 

Taking turns: 

Reveal a card. 

The owner of the suit revealed picks an action for you and sets the scene. If you reveal your own suit, select the player who will do this. 

The player who revealed the card tells how they complete the action and the other tells how the village reacts. 

Decide, as a group, if your Sway increases or decreases by the value of the card (Aces = 1, Faces = 11).


Reveal your power 
Appease a villager 
Demand tribute
Fight the village's advancement
Explore the wilderness
Indulge your hunger

When the deck is empty, the highest Sway is remembered. Tell how the villagers revere you. The others fade, like stories do. Tell what you feed on now.

Author Comments

Thank you to Dave Erwin, Chris Teixeira, Matthew Pollock, and Ben Wallis for reviewing my submission.

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