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FADED • 2018 rpg finalist

Brandon Norcross • no link

Three to five players.  One Driver.

Scenario: You don't know what happened last night, blacked out, no idea where you are.  Wake up, clean up, eat up, throw up, drink water, pop some aspirin.  What's that mark on your wrist?  A stamp, an ink blot, an X?  You start your day, it all blurs.  It twists, it warps, distorts.  You walk out, you see people, but they don't see you.  What did you do last night?  People walk past, not shunning you, but not even looking at you.  It's like you aren't even there.  You know you were having a good time, but you don't remember.  You see your friends, they don't even recognize you.  You see your family, they just walk by.  You backtrack. Retrace your steps, assemble what went down.  Put it all together.  What the fuck did we do?  Where did we go?  Why don't we remember?  Why won't people acknowledge us?  Find the answers to get back to yourself and break from being Faded.

Gameplay: Mark your hand with ink.  As the Driver helps you backtrack, roll 1d6.  If you roll a 1, wipe the mark once with a wet towel.  Get clean, survive.

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