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Rules and details can be found on the main site:

The Goal: Design a tabletop role-playing game using 200 words or less.

Impossible you say? Not so!

In fact it’s the perfect challenge to try out some new ideas. A 200 word limit will put your editing and writing skills to the test.

And yet it’s a project you could complete in just a few days. No need to write hundreds of pages with artwork, layout, and marketing. Just writing. Intense, brutal writing.

To help you get started, I’ve collected some helpful tips from across the internet:

And one small piece of advice from me: Avoid “The” titles. “The Door”, “The Event”, “The Whatever”. Those games all get lumped together alphabnetically and kind of drag on.

What other advice have I missed? Join the conversation on the 200WordRPG subreddit.