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Submissions Closed! Now What?

Now we will double and triple check all entries to make sure everything looks good before we hand it off to the judges! They will review and rank the entries so that each entry is read by at least two judges. Good luck!

A rough schedule is posted below. Until then, check out some of the incredible 2017 entries, play them, hack them, discuss them, or just enjoy reading them!

Judging Process

Round 1 (April 26th - May 3rd)

Judges will be assigned a number of entries to read (so that each entry is read by at least 2 judges). Each judge will select their top 4 entries, writing a short spotlight about each one and why they chose it.

Round 2 (May 5th and May 6th)

Judges will read through the semi-finalists and give every entry a “yay” or “nay” based upon whether they think that game deserves to win. The entries with the most “yays” will be the finalists (might be 3, might be 7).

Round 3 (May 7th)

All judges will have a face-to-face meeting and unanimously agree on the top 3 winners. The winners will be announced and rewarded on May 8th, Monday morning!