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The judging process continues to go well; finalists should be announced later this week.

Until then, if you need to get some 200 Word RPG discussion you can checkout the G+ and Reddit communities below:

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Neat Reviews

Of course, reading these entries is entertainment by itself. To hear some other thoughts on notable entries check out these review series:

Random Reviews by Jeff Aldrich

Jeff starts off by listing a detailed structure for hw he will judge and analyze the random entries. It really helps give the reviews a little more weight and substance.

Favorites by Ray Otus

Ray goes through and posts little mini-reviews of his favorite entries.

Review Diary by Ivan Nevill

This brave soul aims to review all of the entries before the judges do! He does a great job of defining what makes a good game vs what makes a winner. Really good stuff.

Simple Review Challenge by Ole Peder G.

It’s a simple challenge: Read a random entry and post a short review of it on whatever social media you use.

200 Word Actual Play by Jacqueline Bryk

From Jacqueline: “Once a week, after they announce the semi-finalists, I’d like to run one or two of the top entries, plus some of the games I really liked, on my Twitch channel. I’m looking for folks to play via Skype or Hangouts, so if you’re ok with being on a live stream, hit me up.”

200 Word Alphabet by David Schirduan

I started this series of reviews before the challenge began, and I’ll finish it when it’s over. I try to feature some of the lesser known entries that deserve more recognition. Enjoy!