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The 200 Word RPG Challenge Returns for 2018

And what a year it will be! We are expecting over 1000 entries…HOLY CARP!

Submissions open May 18th. GET HYPE!

Site Updates

The 200 Word Site now has solid reddit integration. If you want to talk about an entry, just click the “Discuss This Entry” button. If no one has talked about it before, it will make a new thread on the 200 Word RPG subreddit. If it’s already been talked about, you’ll be taken to the thread and can add to the conversation.

The Entry of the Day twitter feed is featured along the left-hand side. Hopefully this will promote regular conversation and help the lesser known entries get some love and attention.

The News has a nice collection of past updates, in case you want to travel back in time.

The website finally has an official Wordcount tool. Make sure you use this one instead of your local program.

More updates will come as the 2018 challenge approaches!