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2018 Challenge Results

The three winners have been announced! You can view the on the Winners page. But here they are again:

Dear Elizabeth… by Will C

#Winterintospring by E. E. COLI

Sidewalkia! by Aly Grauer

Special thanks to all our Readers, Judges, and all who offered prizes to this challenge. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work and generosity.

Finalists and Winners, please give the organizers a few days to get your prizes out to you. Thanks!

Now let’s look at some interesting facts and statistics from this year.

Number of Entries:

2015 2016 2017 2018
244 333 697 751

This was the first year that each participant could only submit ONE entry. So even though the number if entries isn’t much higher, we had about 200 more actual participants over last year.

What Have You Done?

While the winners and prizes are important, never forget the main goal of the challenge:

Encourage participants to make a complete Role-Playing Game from start to finish.

And in this we definitely succeeded! By this chart 25% of the paricipants had NEVER written a game before. Let’s celebrate the 200 new designers and welcome them to this community. Good work!

How did You Hear About it?

The most exciting part is that only 20% or so came from last year’s challenge. Combine that this the “What Have You Done” facts above and we have a bunch of fresh blood in this year’s challenge. How exciting!

Site Views

Over the course of the challenge we had almost 15,000 people come and look at the site. That is simply incredible. Thanks to everyone who shared the challenge and promoted it among their friends.


Thank you all for making such an awesome contribution to gaming. I’ve been run ragged getting all of this setup and working properly, so I can’t wait to sit down and read through some of these.

What are some your favorite entries? Share them online! Make sure they get the attention they deserve.