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2019 Entry Feedback Sent Out!

This year our hardworking team of Readers not only helped pick this year’s finalists, but they also sent detailed feedback and helpful comments on the top 5 entries they selected!

Over 175 entries were picked from 50 Readers. This was a huge goal, and we couldn’t have done it without our Readers. Give them all a Thank You when you get the chance!

All feedback has been emailed to the entrants. Be sure to check your spam folders, since my little email bot has been flagged by google :(

Next up are the Judges; the’ll be meeting and discussing the winners over the next few weeks!

You may receive multiple emails if your entry was picked by more than one Reader. The names of the Readers are kept confidential, as was your name; to protect you both. The opinions stated in the feedback do not reflect those of the 200 Word RPG organizers. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.