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To Pay the Ferryman • 2018 rpg

Connor the Girl • no link

You left your body in your dying breath and awoke in the moonless underworld.  You took only your memories and the coins under your tongue, one silver, one copper, to pay the ferryman. 

He waits beyond the five rivers of the underworld- rivers of Forgetfulness, Woe, Fire, and Wailing. The final river is of Hatred- the Styx. You must cross each river.

Once you pay for passage across the Styx, you may finally rest.

But the underworld looms vast. There are some here like you- still human. You travel together. 

Others lingered too long, and withered into hungry shadows. As you remain, shadows eat at your memories- memories of HOME, PAIN, FRIENDS, ENEMIES, FAMILY, AMBITION, LOVE, FEAR, HOPE, DEATH. What makes you cling to these memories? 

When consequences are unknown, toss the coins you carry. Two heads is a triumph. The copper head and silver tail is success, but at cost. The copper tail and silver head is failure, but with benefit. Two tails is defeat, and the darkness consumes a memory. Which one? Why?

Or, relinquish a memory to shadow and prevail immediately...

However, once lost, a memory cannot be returned. If all memories disappear, you fade into shadow.

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