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MinMaxer • 2018 rpg

Daniel Ching •


Players start by each deciding on a trait to embody. Traits can range from D&D(Strength, Charisma) to outlandish(Deliciousness, Indignation). Each player rolls 4d6, removing the lowest die. These scores are assigned later.

Each player has a d6 and 4 points. Points may be spent to increase die size(d6->d8->d10->d12->d20). For every point spent, write down a negative aspect(Clumsy, High-Cholesterol). Unspent points are used to re-roll.


Decide on a player order, using die rolls to resolve disputes. Starting with the first player, choose an unassigned score. The active player and any players of their choosing roll a total, optionally re-rolling their own die once for each unspent point. If the total is under the score, subtract one from it, and next player becomes active.

Otherwise, the active player's trait is assigned the score. The highest number rolled adds their negative aspects to the character. Players involved should narrate how their trait helped the active trait develop. 

Repeat until all scores are assigned.


Discuss this character.

What story is this character in?

How does each trait define them?

What does each trait do on adventures?

How does their story end?

Author Comments

Where do adventurers come from before springing to life fully formed in a tavern?

Inspired in part by the movie Inside Out and the board game Roll Player.

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